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  • wen wendy ????The number of day, Xu Shao, always at the edge of life and death struggle to survive in the face of adversity, and finally the solid realm, mo cable to the opportunity of a breakthrough. ????If Qi deficiency of repair is satisfied that the world of strength for its own purposes, in order to condensed body, extended meridians, then condensing the real of the realm, sucked heaven and earth force into flesh and blood, bones, and meridians, the realm of the next layer lay a solid foundation. ????Should the qi deficiency of arms can only be regarded as the initial contact martial, condensate actual period weapons, but it really started to enter the ranks of the Warrior. ????Vitality content of the realm of qi deficiency and condensate solid phase just on the theory of qi deficiency of the realm of force to render the gas mist, and walk in the meridians, but it really can be used to but it is very rare, and the rest strength. will be used for expansion, in turn, to achieve the coagulation real period t
    June 15, 2012